Imagine if someone had the solution to every problem you would ever encounter. In his book, 5,000 Years of Wisdom, author Paul Roden proposes his “Theory of Wisdom” which states that “Every problem you will ever have has already been solved by someone before you.”  To test his theory, Paul interviewed over one hundred people all over the age of 100 about the lessons they’ve learned and the wisdom they’ve gained from 100 years of living. The book is a collection of fifty of the most impactful interviews.  In each interview, Paul seeks the answers to life's most important questions such as the secret to a successful marriage, the key to happiness, surviving life's challenges, and finding your purpose. The answers given in these pages have changed his life, and they are sure to change yours.

What Readers Are Saying

"One of my favorite sayings is “There's no substitute for knowledge”. To read of the wisdom and knowledge of all these people over the age of 100, is priceless. This book is a must read for all who want to learn from the accomplishments and disappointments of the real pioneers."


Gene Stallings

Author, Speaker

Former NFL Head Coach, Phoenix Cardinals

Former Head Football Coach, University of Alabama

"Paul Roden has given the world a priceless treasure with 5,000 Years of Wisdom. By putting pen to paper in this way, he has built a living, breathing, and interactive bridge to our past and we can walk it anytime we wish.  For those who have longed for a time machine, you need only pick up this fantastic book and begin turning the pages."


Duane Cummings

CEO of Leadercast

Speaker and Author of

The Sensational Salesman

"This book and the effort that led to its creation are exceptional. Literally a compilation of the wisdom of the ages related through those who lived it. It is powerful in its recitation of the things that are enduring like faith in God, hard work, self-discipline, and the need to discipline children. Thanks to the author for expending such a huge effort in contacting and interviewing the wonderful subjects who have shared their wisdom to make this book an inspiring resource." Bill K. 

"If you are interested in gaining a very healthy perspective on life, this is the book for you." Julie G.

"We spend a great deal of our lives learning things through experience, the author has made a way to learn through others experiences. None of the wisdom is fluff, it’s about how to look live a great life versus just living through life."  David H. 

"This book is a must read. It is full of so much knowledge and wisdom, you will laugh, you will cry." Shirley S.

"The book was very inspiring! You can't read it without reflecting on your own life and making changes that will propel you to be the best you can be. Great book to introduce kids to the value of wisdom and a generation that paved the way for their future!!"  Melissa W.

"An excellent read and a glimpse into the remarkable lives of people willing to sit down and share their pasts, trials and tribulations. Much to be learned here and I recommend it highly."  Rob C.

"I LOVE this book, so interesting and yes full of wisdom." Rebecca

About the Author

Paul Roden has literally devoted years of his life in the pursuit and study of wisdom in an effort to improve not only his life, but also the lives of others. Paul speaks to a wide variety of audiences about wisdom and how it impacts our lives, our relationships, our finances and even our businesses and careers. For questions, comments or information on Paul or how wisdom can impact your life or organization,                                     .  We'd love to hear from you. 


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